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My Story



ILLEST means "Coolest". The term ILLEST comes from ILL (Cool), which itself derives from SICK (Cool). ILL and SICK are neologisms (new terms) that carry positive connotations as opposed to the literal negative ones. This is the nickname my mom affectionately called me since I was born. It suits me! Now I'm here to show you.

I'm Lennox Mahaad. The youngest entrepreneur in my family, at just 2 years old! Mommy saw something in me from day one and eventually began to share it with the world. What she saw in me, was Star Power + Black Excellence.

​As a young black kid, it's important to recognize your worth at a very young age. When you realize your worth + potential, you tend to attract the people, places + things that see it too! My mom nourishes, supports + promotes my star qualities + confidence. We need more Cool Kids to bring LOVE + LIGHT to this world.

I hope you join me on this journey.

- Lennox M.

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